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Juelz Santana has revisited his controversial 9/11 terror lyric, which was intended to appear on The dip‘s Diplomatic immunity album, defending it as a “dope-ass line”.

On an early version of The Diplomats’ 2003 song “I Love You,” the Harlem native rapped: “I worship the late prophet, the great Mohamed / Omar Atta, for his courage behind the wheel of the plane / Remind me when I shopped the ‘cain’.”

The line is a reference to Mohamed Atta, the leader of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City, but the leaked version did not make it onto the album.

Talking to VladTV in a new interview, Juelz Santana admitted the line was “insensitive,” but believes it has stood the test of time.

“I think the timing was just bad, more than anything else,” he said. “But you know, I stood by it, I said at the time, it wasn’t like I was running from it. I didn’t mean it in the sense of trying to raise a terrorist or anything. I think, like I said, the time just made it so touching because it was so close and it just felt like it was insensitive and I understand that.

“But now, shit was a fucking stupid-ass line. It was tough, like, come on. But what I was really referring to was just the courage of someone to do such fucking crazy, wild-ass behavior like that. To love something to that degree, to believe in something to that degree, is crazy, and it’s powerful.”

Juelz Santana quickly clarified his stance on 9/11, explaining that he does not condone the terrorist attack, but simply admires someone willing to commit such an extreme act for their faith.

“And shit, I wish that someone — not do that specific thing — but I wish that someone believed in me or loved me enough to just go that far,” he said. “Does not to far, excuse me, no to long. But I think you all know what I mean.

“I was like insinuating just for someone to go that hard for something, that’s the comparison I just made. Would you fucking get on a plane and drive that crap into a building? Like you love something that [much] – it is strong.”

He added: “So that’s what I was trying to insinuate. It had nothing to do with the plot or 9/11 or anything. [What] I was insinuating in the actual line the force behind it was just someone believing in something so much that they would do something so crazy. It’s like, that’s the world we live in, and I just kind of touched it.”

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Elsewhere in his “I Love You” verse, Juelz Santana showed empathy for the 9/11 victims by rapping: “I still smell the rotten people that lay / Down in Ground Zero, forgotten, left there for days / Probably left there to stay, left to rot / Broken pieces of towers, left as their graves, yes / I pray, let keep them until then, it’s just a suggestion I made.”

Santana wasn’t the only Dipset member to touch on 9/11 Diplomatic immunity. On the song “Gangsta,” Cam’ron spit: “I’m not mad that Towers fell / I’m mad that the price of coke went up and this crack won’t sell.”

On the same track, Santana also mentioned Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, who was behind the September 11 attacks: “I’ve been plotting, I’m the real thing popping / Since Osama Bin Laden, so salute”

Re-watch Dipset’s “I Love You” below.

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