Why Judas Priest couldn’t get Richie Faulkner into the rock hall

Judas Priest manager Jayne Andrews said she was trying to get a guitarist Richie Faulkner recorded in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame along with his bandmates for 12 years, but couldn’t overcome the organization’s rules to make it happen.

While Faulkner attended the band’s performance on the night he was not mentioned among the inductees – while former drummer Les Binks, who was a member for only two years, was included in the honours.

“I tried to get it [Richie] to be recorded, but… it’s about a classic album, an iconic album, and he wasn’t on it [such an] album,” Andrews said on a recent episode of the Gabbing with Girlfriends podcast (video below). “I kind of asked a couple of people — I said, ‘Well, [Binks] wasn’t in that band that long, and Richie’s been around longer than he was.”

She added: “What I was told was that it has to do with some of the classic, iconic albums, the artists that were on it.” Despite Faulkner’s longer service, Binks emerged in the 1978s Stained class, “one of the classic albums.” She continued: “So that’s why he [was] to be recorded… it actually makes sense when you think about it… As they said, ‘You look at some bands. They have so many different lineups, different members… We can’t record everyone.’ Once they explained it, it made sense.”

Priest vocalist Rob Halford reported last month that the band’s 19th album, which follows 2018’s Firepowerwas “very close” to being done, adds: “All the writing is done; the majority of the recording is done. I still have to lay down my vocal tracks. So basically it’s done, which is a great feeling because it really points us to the future of metal.” The as-yet-untitled LP will be Faulkner’s third.

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