Journey’s Neal Schon files suit against Jonathan Cain Over Band credit card

Trip‘s legal troubles continue as a guitarist Neal Schon have case filed against keyboardist-guitarist Jonathan Cain in an attempt to access the band’s financial records.

Per a Page six Although Schon and Cain remain members of Journey and have an equal stake in Nomota, the company that operates the band, Schon has stated in court papers that he has not been given access to financial records that would allow him to know how much he is. owed.

The case was filed in Contra Costa in the Bay Area of ​​California. Another key part of the case is that Schon has claimed that Cain set up an AmEx card without telling him and that “millions of Journey funds flowed through it.”

In the suit, Schon’s legal team stated that “as a member and director and founder and manager of Journey, Schon has the right to access and control Nomota’s books and records. Schon must have unfettered access to Nomota’s records so that he can monitor and manage Nomota/journey.”

The guitarist also claims in the suit that despite numerous requests for the financial information to be released, Cain has not done so. “Schon’s rights to Journey’s profits are controlled by Cain — Schon’s bandmate who Schon brought into the band in the 1980s — and despite all his requests and efforts, Schon has been unable to gain full access,” reads one part of the case. .

Regarding the credit card, the court documents allege that Cain kept telling Schon that he would get access to the card, but that he would never end up being added. Schon claimed he only found out about the credit card because American Express had told him it existed.

Journey has had several legal dust-ups in recent years. Back in Septemberformer frontman Steve Perry sued both Schon and Cain for use of song trademarks to be used to market hats, T-shirts and other merchandise. Schon called Perry’s suita lot of shit” In response.

In 2021, Schon and Cain could settle a legal battle that started in 2020 when former members Steve Smith and Ross Valory attempted to take control of the band’s business affairs. Smith and Valory were dismissed from the group over the action, with Schon and Cain then founding Nomota to oversee their business operations.

Despite the legal issues, Journey have done quite well musically in 2022 releasing their Freedom album earlier this year and releases the song “You have the best of me.” The album also featured the 2021 single “The Way We Used to Be” as well as “Let It Rain,” “Don’t Give Up on Us” and “United We Stand.”

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