Co-founder Journey Keyboardist to join band’s 50th anniversary tour, says Neal Schon

When Trip on their way to their 50th anniversary tour, co-founding member Gregg Roley will be on board, according to the guitarist Neal Schon. Schon first teased the idea that Rolie could return in late November, with not so veiled clue comes as a legal battle between Schon and the keyboardist Jonathan Cain heated over the band’s finances.

At the time, Schon shared a photo of himself with Rollie on Twittercomments, “[Two] original founding members. I think my brother Gregg Rolie should join us [the] 2023 turn. What do you think, friends? He’ll spice it up and we’ll have a huge selection of songs to choose from.”

Then on Wednesday (Jan. 4), Schon posted a new graphic on his Facebook signaling Journey’s 50th anniversary tour, which is scheduled to kick off in early February. The band announced the drive last Octoberwho again form pairs with 2022 tour mates Totofor North American dates that carry over to the end of April.

Although he didn’t directly comment on Rollie when he first posted the tour artwork, one fan said in the comments: “I’m SO looking forward to this. Please tell me Gregg Rollie is coming on the tour! He’s the better keyboard player and a co-founder, it only seems right. Timing couldn’t be better either!!!!” That comment drew a response from Schon, who said, “You’ll see him.” The guitarist did not elaborate on what Rollie’s participation means for Cain’s place in the band.

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Facebook: Neal Schon

As mentioned, talk of Rolie’s participation in the band’s upcoming tour comes as Schon has been at odds with keyboardist Jonathan Cain over access to the group’s finances. News of the inner band feud broke in November with Schon file a lawsuit against Cain, claiming that he had not been given access to the band’s financial records and that Cain had set up a band American Express card without telling him.

Kain then publicly refuted that Schon’s “reckless consumption“was at the heart of their argument, with Cain stating that Schon always had access to the credit card statements, but what he was seeking was the ability to increase his spending limits.” The case between the two Journey members is set for a preliminary hearing on March 3.

Things took another turn last month when Schon issued one cease-and-desist order against Cain in connection with Cain’s performance of “Don’t Stop Believin'” at an event at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. The order cited Cain, who joined politicians in a sing-along of the track, as being “harmful use of the Journey brand.”

Rolie was a member of Journey between 1973-1980 and was one of the band’s members recorded in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cain joined the band in 1980 after Rolie’s exit and has been a member through all the active periods of the group since then.

As for the 50th anniversary trip, you can get your tickets here.

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