Joni Mitchell tells Elton John she ‘didn’t have any’ rehearsals for her surprise Newport Folk Fest performance

Elton John the interview Joni Mitchell for his Apple Music 1 show on Saturday (November 12), and the people the legend opened up about his legacy, performed at the Newport Folk Festival and more.

After telling Sir Elton, she is in the process of trying to release a live recording of her surprising performance at the festival this summer, Mitchell also revealed that she had “no” rehearsal for what ended up being her first concert in two decades.

“And you got up and played the guitar,” John pointed out, to which she replied, “Yeah, I had to find out what I did.” And I couldn’t sing the key. I’ve become everything, I’m not a soprano anymore, so I couldn’t sing the song. And I thought people might feel enlightened if I just played the guitar part, but I like the guitar part for that song. So in any case it was very well received, to my great joy.”

Mitchell also reflected on the impact of her early music from the folk movement of the 1960s and 70s, as well as how she was compared to male singer-songwriters of the time. “At that point, no, I took a lot of flak, if anything,” the singer said. “People thought it was too intimate. It was almost like Dylan going electric.

“I think it upsets the male singer/songwriters,” she continued. “They would say, ‘Oh no. Shall we bear our souls like this now?’ I think it made people nervous. More nervous than… It took this generation — they seem to be able to face those feelings more easily than my generation.”

In the wake of her return to the stage, Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” in again LyricFind US and Global charts at No. 1. Next year, she is set to join Brandi Carlile for their joint “Echoes Through the Canyon” shows at The Gorge in Washington State.

Watch clips from Elton’s interview with Mitchell below.

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