Joni Mitchell Joins Brandi Carlile For Summer 2023 ‘Echoes Through The Canyon’ Shows At The Gorge

Brandi Carlile and Joni Mitchell planning a sequel. Carlyle announced it The daily show on Wednesday night (October 19) that she and folk icon Mitchell are reuniting for a special concert weekend at Washington State’s picturesque Gorge Amphitheater in June 2023 for a pair of shows they’re calling “Echoes Through the Canyon.”


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See the latest videos, charts and news

In the wake of this summer surprise Mitchell concert at the venerable Newport Folk Festival, Carlile said Joni told her, “I want to do another show. She said, ‘I want to play again.'” So they settled on the 27,000-capacity Gorge, which Carlile noted is “one of the most beautiful venues in the world.” Brandi will play the first night, June 9, and Joni and the Joni Jam — lineup to be announced — will play the second night (June 10).

“Joni Mitchell is going to play. No one has been able to buy a ticket to see Joni Mitchell play for 20 years,” Carlile noted of the artist, who hadn’t performed a full live set since 2000 before Newport and hadn’t performed much in public , since he suffered a brain aneurysm in 2015. “So this is huge… and she’s going to crush it!” Carlile played a show also called “Echoes Through the Canyon” at the Gorge in August 2021 with Sheryl Crow and Amythyst Kiah.

Carlile also spoke about the surprise moment this summer when Mitchell shocked the world by performing a 13-song set at the Newport Folk Festival, singing and playing guitar from a golden throne with help from Marcus Mumford, Blake Mills, Lucius, Taylor Goldsmith, Wynonna and more. “I still can’t believe it happened,” Carlile told Noah about the live version of the series of “Joni Jams,” which the 78-year-old singer has held with musicians, including Carlile, for years during her long recovery . “It was just a few months ago and the fact that it was at the Newport Folk Festival, which is such a monumental and historic place. She [Mitchell] always have a plan. She knows what she wants to do, even if she doesn’t say it.”

What’s more, Carlile revealed that the team working behind the scenes to get Mitchell to Newport had no idea the 1960s legend would be playing the entire show. “We thought it was a jam. We didn’t know she wanted to sing all the lead roles on those songs,” Carlile said of Mitchell’s powerful, all-in performance. “She just started singing. We had practiced the songs ourselves. And we didn’t know if we should stop or what we should do, you know, so we just sang with her.”

Then, as Carlile described, Mitchell just “completely took over” the gig and became the “performer that we all know she is.” The energy was so off-the-charts that Carlile said they stayed up until sunrise the next morning basking in the love and good vibes. “Joni loves to perform and she’s great at it,” said Carlile, who has been unabashed in her Mitchell superfandom earlier, including covering all of Mitchell Blue album on an Oct. 2019 show at Walk Disney Concert Hall. “She’s as good at it now as she’s ever been.”

See Carlile further The daily show below.

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