Joe Walsh aims for more James Gang shows

Joe Walsh says he will extend James Gang reunion, citing late Eagles band mate Glenn Frey in its reasoning.

Walsh, bassist Dale Peters and drummer Jimmy Fox provided short sets for both Taylor Hawkins tribute shows in September and Sunday evenings at the sixth annual VetsAid show in Ohio, where the nine-track performance included a guest appearance by Dave Grohl.

Asked about the rumor that VetsAid was expected to be their last gig, Walsh said Billboard: “Glenn Frey used to say, ‘Never say never,’ so I’m not. We played the shows for Taylor Hawkins and it worked really well. We were in front of an audience and we were able to do what we used to do.

“I haven’t played high at 11 for a long time; I play in a vocal group so I have small amps. It’s different to turn it up and go for it, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until we started cooking with the James Band. I can’t wait to play again.”

Looking back, Walsh said he was surprised by “how much love” there was for Hawkins at the September shows. “It was a pilgrimage for musicians,” he recalled. “The green room was a bit like that Star wars bar and we all got a chance to bond – something we don’t get anymore in the digital age. It was deep backstage, and the amount of love coming from the stage and back from the audience was, well, deep.”

Walsh originally joined the James Gang in 1968 and left three years later. He has attended previous reunions throughout the 90s and 00s.

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