JMara and Bulabog Ng Morobeats team up for powerful ‘INAANTAY’

Filipino rappers JMara and Bulabog Ng Morobeats team up for the emotional new single, “INAANTAY” (Waiting), which tackles isolation, hopelessness and doubt.

Clocking in at nearly 3 minutes (and currently labeled a “teaser”), JMara delivers another impassioned performance, alternating between singing and rapping over a sultry beat by Fun beats founder and resident producer, DJ Medmessiah, who also directed the music video.

True to the Filipino brand signature one-take visual stylethat “Mahal King Pilipinas” the rapper performs in the middle of slow-moving traffic.

In a Facebook post last month, Morobeats explained that the reason for their street-based visual style is that they want to compare and demonstrate the growth of their artists’ rap styles over different years.

How Morobeats is putting Pinoy—and Mindanao—hip hop on the map, DIY style

They wrote in Tagalog, “The real reason why our music videos are always shot with a single shot [and with the artists walking towards the camera] is because we compare and demonstrate the progress of the careers of each of our artists, and one-take videos are the most natural [and realistic,] which is what we like to base our videos on since we don’t have cars, women or other luxury items to show off even in real life.

That’s why we take care of it [our music videos] is as close to real life as possible and so we can reach those who are like us and what we want to convey.”

Watch “Inanatay” below:

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