Jimmy Fallon calls on Elon Musk to help remove #RIPJimmyFallon on Twitter

Jimmy Fallon is not dead, and Jimmy Fallon wants people to know it.

A quirky hashtag, #RIPJimmyFallon, has been trending Twitter Tuesday evening (Nov. 15) and The Tonight Show the host has had enough and calls the company’s CEO Elon Musk personally to take down the hashtag.

Earlier Tuesday, the more evil element on Twitter launched #RIPJimmyFallon, with users often posting the hashtag with a picture of someone other than Fallon.



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See the latest videos, charts and news

Twitter users, especially those overseas who were not in on the supposed joke, were shocked and confused. One Korean user tweeted: “This came up as a hashtag so I was taken back. Really. Oh, this is funny. Because Melon Musk fired all the people in the information verification department, fake news can now hit the market, so this hashtag. Oh, it’s really funny #RIPJimmyFallon.”

Alarmed, Fallon tweeted: “Elon, can you fix this? #RIPJimmyFallon.” Musk, who has taken a very personal approach to content moderation since taking over Twitter, has yet to respond to Fallon’s plea.

Twitter’s current chaos has seen a rise in disinformation on the platform, a situation exacerbated by Musk firing a significant number of people involved in content moderation and dealing with fake accounts and fake news.

Last Thursday, an account with the name and logo of pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Co. and with a blue “verified” check mark, we tweeted: “We’re happy to announce that insulin is now free.” The fake tweet sent the drug company’s stock down from $368 a share. share at 346 dollars per stock, allegedly wiping out billions in market value.

This article originally appeared in THR.com.

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