Jim Root says there were ‘so many factors against’ Slipknot while making new album

The end, for now is in sight. Slip knot‘s latest album is out on Friday (September 30), but it wasn’t necessarily an easy journey to get to the point of release. Guitarist Jim Root detailed some of the bumps in the road as they set out to finish and release the album Music radar.

A big change for the new record is that it came together during the pandemic, which presented its own challenges. During the chat, Root was initially asked about producer Joe Barresi and what he could bring to their band, but he detoured to how even Barresi had to adapt to the pandemic lockdown conditions.

“Joe Barresi is a great producer. He has a great track record and I feel like we weren’t prepared for Joe Barresi and I feel like we weren’t able to use Joe Barresi to his full extent, you know , what I mean,” Root told Music Radar “We didn’t do pre-production. We basically built this record in the studio and a lot of that was because of Covid and us being apart and the circumstances that led to us making the record, as it was done.”

Root says of the upcoming release: “My mindset being the way it was, I didn’t have a ton of creative input. I felt a little rushed trying to come up with ideas for this arrangement or that arrangement. We weren’t rehearsed as a band . We didn’t come in knowing the songs from cover to cover, and that affected the record. It put us behind schedule. It made us not really fight and argue with each other, but try to figure it out, like, ‘ What’s the best way to approach this, knowing that we’re doing what we’re doing?’

The guitarist adds: “You can make a plan and you can plan as much as you want, but the big clock over your head and the budget from the record company and all this, the studio we were in and the planning of what are so many factors that were against us making this record that I’m surprised we were able to finish it.”

Root shares some frustration that their routine is being thrown out, but adds that it doesn’t diminish his view of what they’re preparing to release. He adds: “It’s taking us so long to get it out compared to how long it took us to track it! It’s like, if it’s taken this long to get it out, we could have taken our crap time on pre-production and in my opinion put out a better product. Not to say we’re disappointed with what we’re putting out; that’s where we are. It’s what we were able to do given the circumstances and those things , we had to work with.”

The guitarist compared it to making movies. “Directors will always say they never finish a movie, they just leave them! I feel more than anything with this record that we had to abandon it and move on from it. And Klovn said, ” It’s not a record! It’s not a Slipknot record! We’re still touring We are not your kind, on that tour, and here are some songs by the way…’ Well, you could say that, but we’re putting out a fucking record, and for the fans, this is a fucking Slipknot record. No matter what you say, it is what it is.”

In addition to the different recording approach necessitated by the pandemic, Root says there’s an ongoing balancing act between the band’s evolution and staying true to their past.

“We have to evolve. There’s no way around it. We’re not the same band that set out Iowa record. We are not the same band that put out The subliminal verses. We’re just not those people anymore,” says the guitarist, who adds that the desire to evolve has pushed him. “That’s why I say I’m still trying to learn how to write, ’cause you want to evolve. If you look at certain bands, like Radiohead or even the Beatles, look at the way they evolved over time.”

“I don’t want to get away from this, from that Iowa record, the self-titled record; they’re a big part of our career and we still play those songs to this day and it’s a big part of who we are,” he adds. “So how do you maintain that and then also get to express yourself and have you developed musically? It’s a strange seesaw. It’s a weird balance…. We can’t just put out a dubstep record; we’re fucking Slipknot, there’s a wheelhouse. There is something to work from. But how do we take it and let it develop? And how does it sound? Who knows?”

Slipknot has already released “The Chapeltown Rag“”The Dying Song (Time to Sing)“and”Yen“from the new album, with song teasers for”Adderall“”Medicine for the dead“and”Heirloom” also offers a sample.

The band is currently out building buzz for the new album. Be sure to get your tickets for the run here.

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