Jim Jones remembers trying to ‘protect’ Max B & Stack Bundles

Jim Jones has opened up about his attempts to keep an eye on Max B and Stack of bundlesbut admits he could not get them to leave the streets.

Capo recently joined QueenzFlip and DJ G Money for an episode of FlipDaScriptwhere he reflected on the time he offered to buy Max B, Stack and Mel Matrix a house in New Jersey, but they didn’t want to leave their comfort zones.

“I was about to buy Stacks, Max and Melly a whole brownstone in New Jersey,” he explained. “None of them wanted to leave the hood. I wasn’t about to waste my money. I was shopping for the shit and all that shit.

“I say, ‘You kid! You could go to the hood every day, but you’re going to live in Jersey. You’re going to live better. And you don’t have to worry about paying for no rent or anything like that, I just trying to get you n-ggas out of the hood.’

The Dipset member went on to say that he was trying to “protect” his friends from the horrors of the hood and give them a better quality of life, but they simply wouldn’t listen to him.

“Melly ended up getting a shot,” Jones continued. “None of these n-ggas would listen and everything that happened that you know can happen in the hood ended up happening. Anything to try to protect them from what I know could have happened to them.

“I tried, did you hear? From getting all these n-ggas cars… Everything you could imagine: private jet to Miami, hundreds of thousands in a weekend, two tall buses Atlanta. You can’t look at how I made my boys move.”

While Max B was sentenced to 75 years in prison on charges of conspiracy related to armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault and felony murder in 2009, French Montana recently announced that the wave god will be home again in the coming months.

Jim Jones checks interviewer over Max B question

“MY BROTHER WAS 75 .. HE TOLD ME TO TELL YOU HE WILL BE HOME IN APRIL!!” French wrote on Twitter earlier this month. “SILVER SURFER Live from the can [wave emoji] Free the count [100 emoji] ‘LEMONADE’ VIDEO .. Coke Boys 6 OUT NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS.”

Max B’s judgment, which was later reduced to 12 yearsis explored in the new season of Gimlets Conviction podcast anthology series, which debuted on Spotify earlier this week.

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