Jim Jones on Gunna: ‘None Of My N-ggas Took A Plea’

Jim Jones has weighed in Gunna enters into a grievance agreement in YSL RICO casethat reminds the Atlanta rapper that leaving your co-defendants in the lurch is not an honorable move.

Gunna is one of several YSL employees who have secured their release from prison by pleading guilty in the caseas experts say do Young Thug’s fight for freedom an even bigger uphill battle.

Jones was asked about the matter in an interview with Chicago’s DJ Univercity, and while he refrained from saying too much about the “sensitive” legal situation, he condemned series of plea agreements which he believes violates a certain code he grew up with.

“It’s definitely a sensitive situation that Thug is facing,” he said. “I don’t know the whole situation, [but] where i come from that’s really not what you should do when you have co-defendants. If you approach a case alone, it is something else. But when you take a prayer, it is a sensitive thing.

“I don’t really want to touch on it too much because I’ve seen my n-ggas go through some of the same things, but I can say this: none of my n-ggas pleaded. They’re all in jail right now and do the time. They accepted what they did, they accepted who grabbed them, they accepted it all, and they all sat down and did their time.”

He added: “No one tried to take a plea, no one tried to walk around. N-ggas even went to court – they did everything they could. But do it.”

The Dipset rapper went on to share words of wisdom for other rappers who come from a similar background before saluting Young Thug, who he believes shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

“It’s a decision you have to make when you’re in this music business. You have to be very serious about the transition you make, and when you make that transition, you have to be very serious about the things and the company you keep ,” he advised.

“Sometimes the people you love might not be the people you need to have by your side all the time. You have to be aware; awareness is everything. If I wasn’t aware of that, I wouldn’t be here to give you this interview.”

He added, “God bless the young thug because he sure is a dope soul. He’s a black man who started from nothing and helped so many black people succeed…I take my hat off to Thug, man . I’ve seen some crazy things; you never know, that man could come home, and that’s what I’m praying for.”

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Jim Jones has previously been a vocal critic of plea agreements. “There’s been times where my cousins ​​go to jail for five years for this, it didn’t really need to be in jail for this, but we take it on the chin like a trooper,” he said during a emotional interview with Funk Flex in 2017. “People don’t understand what this diplomat crap is all about.”

He continued, “When I was in court and n-ggas told me I had to take the plea – take what plea? We don’t take pleas, n-gga. And by the grace of God, the trial is dismissed because they could not find enough evidence of a shootout that took place Uptown over Cam’ron. I went to court for shit like that.”

A plea deal for Young Thug, meanwhile, was never on the table, which prosecutors saw him as “the goal of this case” whom they seek to land in prison. The rapper faces eight counts in the 65-count RICO caseincluding conspiracy to violate the RICO Act and participation in criminal street gang activity, as well as various drug and weapons charges.

Jury selection in the high-profile trial began in Fulton County, Georgia this week, though Thug and his 13 co-defendants won’t learn their fates anytime soon, as the trial is expected to last between six and nine months.

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