Listen to the new Jethro Tull song ‘Ginnungagap’ from the ‘RokFlote’ album

Ian Anderson has revealed details about Jethro Tull‘s 23rd album, RokFlotewhich arrives on April 21. The band released the LP’s lead track, “Ginnungagap,” from last year’s follow-up The Zealot gene. You can hear the song below, along with a tracklist for the album.

A press release for the album noted that the track is inspired by the Norse mythological god Ymir, a character who is “the proto-being, a primordial being who was born of poison that dripped from the icy rivers called Elivagar and lived in the grassless void of Ginnungagap .”

Anderson explained the name he came up with for the album title: “I started with the idea of ​​a predominantly instrumental album for rock flute – as in rock music. When the subject material for the album presented itself, I was drawn to the concept of Ragnarok from Norse mythology – their version of apocalyptic end times or Biblical Armageddon. The ‘final showdown’ scenario is ubiquitous and inherent in Hinduism, Christianity and Islam, for example.”

He noted that “Ragnarok translates as ‘fate of the gods’, the ‘rok’ part meaning fate, course, direction. With the umlaut firmly in place, thanks to the Germanic origins of Old Norse, flute became ‘fleet’ in accordance with the spelling. With me so far? I just can’t pass up the glorious opportunity for a good, legitimate umbrage.”

RokFlote is available for pre-order now in a variety of formats: limited edition deluxe two-LP/two-CD/Blu-ray and art book with art print; limited edition deluxe two-CD and Blu-ray with art book; special edition CD digipak; gatefold LP and booklet; and digital album.

Jethro Tull, ‘RokFlote’ Tracklist
1. Voluspo
2. “Ginnungagap”
3. “Alphafather”
4. “The Feathered Consort”
5. “Hammer on hammer”
6. “Wolf Unchained”
7. “The Perfect One”
8. “Trickster (and the mistletoe)”
9. “Horn of Plenty”
10. “The Navigators”
11. “Guardian’s Watch”
12. “Ithavoll”

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