Jermaine Dupri reveals his Mount Rushmore of producers

Jermaine Dupri has revealed his Mount Rushmore of producers, and his picks include some of the most legendary names in the business.

In an interview with VIBEgave JD his list of the top four producers he believes changed the music industry with their contributions.

Despite being offered the chance to include himself on the list, the So So Def hitmaker politely declined, saying, “As long as those guys are even in my view, I’ll never put myself up there.”

Teddy Riley created an entire genre of music,” he said. “Berry Gordy created music, period. Dr. Dreno doubt created a whole wave and brought forth a whole coast. Quincy Jones is arguably the greatest producer of all time.”

He continued: “It’s the Mount Rushmore of producers. They cover ground that none of us cover.”

JD has reason to include the four men in his pantheon of producers. Teddy Riley was instrumental in blending Hip Hop and R&B with his groundbreaking New Jack Swing movement in the mid-80s. Berry Gordy founded the legendary Motown Recordswhich was the highest grossing Black business for a period.

Dr. Dre introduced West Coast G-funk to Hip Hop and made history as a member of NWAthe main producer on Death Row Recordsfounder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment.

Quincy Jones’ 70-year career includes a record 80 Grammy nominations, 28 Grammys and several classic albums such as Michael Jackson’s Thrillerwhich also happens to be the best selling album of all time.

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When it comes to his own accolades, Jermaine Dupri isn’t afraid to show off a little, as he did last month during an interview on The Gods Show. According to Dupri, he was a dominant force in New York radio because he knew the importance of hip-hop radio stations in the city when it came to music, so he had to infiltrate it, which led to excellent results.

“The reason New York plays southern music on the radio is because of me,” Dupri said. “Bone Crusher and YoungBloodZ were all over Hot 97 in a way no one could ever imagine. And I hired DJ Envy to work for me.”

He added: “My attack on New York radio and the streets of New York from the South is like no other. No one, no other company, nothing. Not as far as then, now that everyone else was moving forward, the door opened because I was out there and hit the streets.”

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