Jennifer Lopez Talks ‘PTSD’ Ahead of Ben Affleck’s Wedding, Embraces ‘Bennifer’ Nickname on ‘Kimmel’

Jennifer Lopez looked over Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (Jan. 18) to plug his new rom-com, Shotgun wedding. And while the film starring Lopez and Josh Duhamel alongside Golden Globe winner Jennifer Coolidge, rocker Lenny Kravitz and Callie Hernandez looks pretty sweet, let’s be honest, the real wedding Jimmy wanted to talk about was Bennifer’s take two.


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Kimmel congratulated the singer/actress/dancer on the six-month anniversary of her Las Vegas wedding to actor Ben Affleck, as JLo unfolded the tangled tale of how she and Affleck finally walked down the aisle after months of anxiety and turmoil. “We planned to get married in August in Savannah [Georgia]she said of the proper nuptials the couple were arranging for friends and family at the actor’s southern estate.

“And it was so stressful,” she said. “And a month before… and I don’t know if you guys know this, but 20 years ago we were getting married and it all kind of fell apart then, and this time we definitely had a little PTSD.” Although they were both happy for their decades-long love affair to finally be official, Lopez said the planning was so nerve-wracking that one day Affleck said, “fk it, let’s just go to Vegas and get married tonight.'”

So of course they did… but only after Lopez finished her rehearsals that day and Affleck took care of all the details. “It was amazing, it was the best night of our lives,” she said of the Sin City nuptials, which had two of their five children from previous marriages as witnesses and found the A-listers lined up at the county clerk’s office. with some normies just before midnight waiting their turn for the real paperwork. Most importantly, after two decades, Lopez confirmed that not only was there a new wedding ring, but Affleck had to ask her to marry him again to make it official.

Kimmel also wondered if Lopez was okay with the celeb portmanteau Bennifer, and JLo said she’s learned to embrace it after initially loving it. “Actually, it wasn’t a bad thing even years ago, but I think it became a thing where people made fun of it,” she said, noting that other couples were subjected to the same treatment in the years since, when it came to mixing celeb couple names. a thing.

Luckily for them, the famous Little White Wedding Chapel agreed to stay open late for them and even offered to have their Elvis impersonator do the deed, which the couple politely declined. And while Kimmel lamented that he wasn’t invited to either of the couple’s weddings, he still got them a very fitting gift, a pair of sterling silver Dunkin’ Donuts cups in keeping with Affleck’s love of the chain.

In addition to talking about “Dear Ben Pt. 2” sang about her upcoming This is me… now album, the singer was also surprised when Kravitz made an unexpected appearance (via a fake helicopter landing on the roof) to invite the entire studio audience to that night’s Shotgun wedding premiere.

Look at Lopez Kimmel below.

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