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Jeez has paid tribute 2 Pac in a recent interview after revealing the late rapper’s music was instrumental in his upbringing.

The Snowman talked about Pac during his visit to Drink Champs and explained how the legend was such a force in his life in his younger days.

“Every morning before school, I was listening to all Master P, 8Ball, MJG, but my favorite was Tupac,” Jeezy told the Drink Champs crew. “It still is to this day because he stood for something. He had values, he had morals, he had integrity, but I’d never seen that before. Because my uncles would steal $20 out of your socks.”

Jeezy revealed that the people around him were not the best examples in his life, forcing him to look to people outside of his circle for guidance. The next best thing was the rappers he listened to growing up in Atlanta.

“I couldn’t get any information out of them,” he said. “So how did I learn to survive and navigate through the streets — and I want to say that because these guys that come, 90 percent of it, well, 10 percent of it is music, 90 percent of it is survival. It’s survival and that navigate what’s going on.”

2Pac had a hold on Jeezy that made him look to the late rapper as a higher power. As he explained, Pac’s music was like the Bible to him.

“I listened to Tupac like it was my bible,” Jeezy said. “How to move, how to handle situations, and that was embedded in me. He was a revolutionary before I knew what that was. He actually had that – he stood for something.

“And he would take those risks when everyone around me was so used to how they lived that they didn’t want to try to live better. My bible, at that point, no respect for the big homie [Biggie]was every single Tupac album.”

While Jeezy was reminiscing about a historical figure, he got the chance to actually meet one during an event over the weekend. Former President Barack Obama was the guest speaker at the Gateway Center rally on Friday (Oct. 28), which was attended by high-profile Democrats and various celebrities, including Jeezy.

The rapper shared a video of him shakes Obama’s hand and poses for a picture with his Instagram followers. To make the meeting even more special, Jeezy closed the convention with an impromptu performance of “My President” and “Put On”.

Jeezy credits Nas for inspiring him to squash the Freddie Gibbs Beef

“If this doesn’t motivate you, nothing will #SNOFALL,” the Atlanta rapper captioned his post.

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