J. Prince defends son over claims he abandoned TakeOff’s body

J. Prince has addressed the rumors that his son, J. Prince Jr., gave up take off‘s lifeless body after Migos rapper was shot in Houston last November.

During a performance at Give them the business podcast shared on Monday (January 9), the music executive explained that the viral clip of his son walking past TakeOff was just a small glimpse of what was really going on.

“You know one of the biggest lies that was told — he walked past the TakeOff body like he was heartless and didn’t care,” J. Prince said. “And really, Junior, my cousin Michael, who’s here with me, they were there with TakeOff from the beginning to the end. Even when they went by, they took three seconds of an hour and some situations when Mike and Junior went by .”

He continued: “He actually went to the toilet to wash the blood off his hands.” [from] when he had reached under TakeOff’s head to pick him up and his fingers went into it.”

Many people have held the Prince family responsible for TakeOff’s death, and there was quite a bit of backlash afterwards J. Prince and his family held a memorial service at the site where TakeOff was killed shortly after his passing.

Prince, who did not attend the funeral, staged a tribute to the late Migos rapper with hundreds of roses outside 810 Billiards and Bowling. Pigeons were also released in TakeOff’s honor.

TakeOff Murder: Argument that led to shooting was allegedly overloaded dice

“You would have thought J Prince Jr died but no… This whole memorial is BS,” one user wrote on Twitter. Another tweeted: “J Prince should be ashamed, why would you put your names in flowers on a Takeoff memorial? Go to hell!!!”

Prince also offered his condolences on Instagram and called for the killer to be brought to justice.

In related news, the man accused of firing the gun that killed TakeOff has been released from prison after posting a $1 million bond. As part of his bond agreement, Patrick Clark will have to wear an ankle monitor and remain at his parents’ home in Houston while avoiding contact with TakeOff’s family. He will be back in court in March.

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