Ice-T Clowns Trolls Behind Fake Social Media Accounts

Ice-T has shared a PSA for all the trolls polluting social media, roasting them for their questionable behavior.

The West Coast rap legend took to Twitter this week to pen his scathing remarks, saying those who create fake accounts online need to re-evaluate their existence.

“FYI: If you go through all the trouble of making a FAKE social media page….JUST to talk shit to people………?! You REALLY need to re-evaluate your life,” Ice-T wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, he let new followers know that such brutal criticism is commonplace. “New people say ‘Wow, you say a lot of very cold things…’ Well, my name is MFn ICE,” he added.

Ice-T is hardly the first rapper to call out internet trolls. LOX veteran Styles P went on one similar rant regarding Instagram bots last year and said in a lengthy video that their behavior was out of line.

“To any and all bot controllers,” he captioned his lengthy rant. “Please.. start practicing bot couth!! Shit is out of control.. someone is going to lose it because of you guys!!!! but I’m dead serious If you point me in the direction of a bot controller.. I can take one for the team and catch an assault 3…I wouldn’t throw hands..but a cobra kai reverse foot sweep can happen.”

“Who controls the bots?” Stile P asked as he looked into the camera. “Who are these young white ladies? Who is protecting them? These bitches come from somewhere. Who are the bots, this is ridiculous, you can’t just up..and say I Wanna long hard one…who is doing this? Who falls for this?”

He continued: “Whoever controls the bots, you have to have a bot discrepancy. You have to have bot couthness. You can’t bots out on someone when they posted about their dead family member … you’re going to hell for that. “

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In other Ice-T news, the 64-year-old said in a interview with HipHopDX last September that he was busy focusing on music, and confirmed that a new album is on the way.

“I was just in the studio with Kool Keith last week,” he revealed. “I am working on it Black Elvis album. I did two songs on it. I just worked on Bishop Lamont’s album, I’m on that. As far as actually making an album myself, I just need to get into the right space and the right vibe. It’s a project. And I’ve done a lot of singles, just dropped them digitally. Body Count is in the studio as we speak.”

He added: “Making music is different than people think. You can sit and not write a rap and then you could go in and write an album in two days if you’re inspired. It happens. Now that I have the studio, and I’ll be in there with other artists listening to beats and stuff, I’ll probably accumulate an album’s worth of music.”

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