Ice Cube approves of Stephen A Smith’s ‘Next Friday’ scene

Icing had a good morning laugh thanks to Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin who were on First Take and recreated a funny scene from Next Friday.

On Monday’s (January 9) broadcast of First TakeStephen A. Smith and three times Super Bowl master Michael Irving opened the show by recreating the scene from Next Friday where Pinky, played by Clifton Powell, confronts Ice Cube’s character Craig Jones.

Smith teased Irvin Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the Washington Commanders on Sunday (Jan. 8). Irvin played his entire 11-year career with the Cowboys, and Smith would never waste an opportunity to draft Dallas as he is an avid New York Giants fan.

Irvin stood still as a rock as Stephen A grilled him from the side as the camera zoomed in on them to open the show.

“Shut up,” Stephen A. Smith barked at Michael Irvin, stumbling over his words. “Shut up! What happened to the Cowboys yesterday? What happened to them? Shut up! Say another word and it’s over.”

He added, “What happened to the running game, huh? What happened to the running game? Shut up!

Cube watched the clip and gave his stamp of approval over the rendition of the hilarious scene.

“They did,” the West Coast rap legend said in a retweet of the clip.

Next Friday was released in 2000 and served as that first movie produced below dice‘s movie production company, Cubpossiblyion. That rapper wrote, produced, and participated in that movie, with -one cast to also included Mike Epps, that late John Wetherspoh, ThereAlas Jones and more.

The film was the sequel to Fridaywhich was released in 1995. A third film was released in 2002, titled Friday after nextand all three were box office successes.

Last month, Ice Cube said he felt the first Friday movie was the most “impactful” out of the trilogy thanks to his message about gun violence. Cube and his Mount Westmore coworkers E-40 and Too $hort looked over LL COOL J’s Rock The Bells Radio show where they touched Death certificate MC’s iconic film franchise.

During their lengthy discussion, LL asked Cube about the defining moment of the first Friday film between Cube and the late John Witherspoon, who advises Cube’s character, Craig, to put down his gun and use his fists instead. Ice Cube said that scene alone was the first Friday the film stands out from its subsequent sequels.

Ice Cube vows to keep fighting for ‘Friday’ ownership – but rules out lawsuit

“It was an important scene, and that’s why the first Friday is so impactful over the others,” Cube said at the 47-minute mark. “Because if you look at the others, they don’t have that moment in the film.

“So it took a comedy, and it took a laugh, and it was a teachable moment. It was dramatic in a movie that was so funny. It was impactful because what he was saying was really shit.”

He continued, “It’s cool because it was like, ‘Yo, I would never have moved in this neighborhood if you needed a damn gun to walk down the street.’ It’s impactful. Before Friday was the shit looked crazy in the hood when i got it written [Witherspoon] was like, ‘Are you walking down the street? Take this [gun] with you.'”

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