The date for the trial of Hurricane Chris second degree murder allegedly set

Hurricane Chris is reportedly due in court next month for the trial regarding him second degree murder charge stems from an incident in June 2020.

According to a report from The shadow room, a date of February 13 was confirmed in court on Tuesday (January 17). Prior to the trial, Chris will also appear in court on February 1st for an argument and hearing date.

The “A Bay Bay” rapper (real name Chris Dooley) was arrested after fatally shooting a man who allegedly tried to steal his car (which turned out to be stolen) outside a convenience store in Shreveport, Louisiana. Officers who were called to the scene discovered a man with gunshot wounds to the chest, hip and abdomen. The man was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.

The rapper was also charged with unlawful possession of the stolen 2016 Mercedes Sedan.

Chris has been out on bond since sending the $500,000 just two days after his arrest. He has maintained his innocence and claims his “name will be cleared.”

“Hello world, hello world, hello world,” he said in a video after announcing the bond. “I’m sure you’ve got the news by now. I was involved in a very unfortunate incident on Friday morning, a very unfortunate incident. I want to thank everyone who has prayed for the family of the deceased and everyone who has prayed for my family.

“After a good, thorough investigation, my name will be cleared,” he continued. “Let God work, see God work. God save. Thank you.”

The Shreveport native claims he acted in self-defense, but investigators determined video footage of the incident does not support that theory. They also learned that the vehicle the deceased victim allegedly attempted to steal was reported stolen out of Texas.

Hurricane Chris released from jail on $500,000 bond after being charged with murder

Hurricane Chris spoke about the pending lawsuit during an interview in 2021 where he admitted that the situation was stressful but was confident that he would not go to jail.

“It’s a very stressful situation,” he admitted. “It is hard for me and everyone around me. There is a lot of emotional stress involved in being wrongful [accused]… I’ve never had a misdemeanor, I’ve never been accused of anything. I’m chill, relaxed, making music. I’ve never been to jail for anything. Everything is legal.”

He concluded: “Everything on tape. I’m comfortable with my legal team. That part of it is not on my mind.”

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