Howard Stern Wonders About Drake’s Deepfake Interview: ‘I Wish I Could Do This’

To promote the release of their recently released joint album, Her loss, Drake and 21 Savage went on a fake press tour — complete with one Vogue cover, NPR Tiny Desk concert and a sassy appearance on That Howard Stern Show.



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See the latest videos, charts and news

On Monday (Nov. 7), Stern himself responded to the deep fake interview during his show, joking, “When I go to visit my mom, I wish I could do this.”

Drake did such a good job that the news media is reporting it like it’s real, and that’s one of the weird things about our lives now,” Stern said before playing a clip from Good morning Atlantawhere the two reporters discussed Drizzy’s comments about settling down and marriage.

“We have enough material from all the shows we’ve done, we could do a whole show like that,” Stern said. “How amazing is that?”

In it very convincing deepfake, Drake tells fans what type of porn he enjoys. “Top, the highest tier of top donors,” he explains in the clip, which appeared to be resurrected from an earlier Stern interview. “That’s what I tune into consistently on a daily basis. They’re like real superstars,” he adds, stifling a giggle along with his fellow guest.

Although he shares a son, Adonis Graham, with French artist Sophie Brussaux, Drake hasn’t settled down. “I’m sure I could, you know,” he tells Stern about getting married. “I think when this is all said and done for us, that addiction to work and success and forward motion is over, I feel like we’re all going to need something real. Hopefully it’s not too late. “

He added that he usually dates four or five women at a time. “I don’t know, hopefully I’ll find someone,” he explains. “The biggest thing is that I need to be inspired.”

See Stern’s reaction below.

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