What the Duck – How to Get Your Phone to Stop Autocorrecting ‘F–k’

We’ve all been there – you’re in the middle of a heated conversation and you’re trying to type a certain bad word when your phone changes it to “ducking”, a word much less commonly used than we intended writing. So here’s how to get your phone to stop autocorrecting the word “fuck”.

There is more than one method to ward off the “other” once and for all. The first is to simply go into your phone’s settings and manually change the keyword so it doesn’t autocorrect — this method has pretty much always existed, but because of a certain tweet we recently saw, we know there are people who are unaware of it. The tweet in question is also how we discovered the second strategy.

You might be wondering why we are writing an article about this. To be honest, the rock and metal community swears a lot, so we know that most of you have probably encountered this problem at one point or another. While a 2015 MusixMatch survey revealed that hip-hop contains more profanity than any other genre, metal was a close second. ONE word cloud that a fan created back in 2019 showed that “fuck”, “shit” and “hell” were among the most used words in Slip knot‘s lyrics, so we specifically have our eyes on you, Maggots.

Keep reading to learn the details of the various autocorrect combat strategies. We should note that these methods are intended for iPhone.

Method 1 – Turn off AutoCorrect

This is pretty straightforward. Go into your phone’s settings, then tap “General” and then “Keyboard.” If the button next to AutoCorrect is green, then it is turned on. Tap it to turn it off and you’ll be able to type “fuck” all you want. Although it’s important to note that this turns off the feature completely, so any other typos will be left to you to fix on your own as you type.

Method 2 – Adjust it in text replacement

Method #2 has been around as long as autocorrect has. You will again go into your settings and then tap on “General” and then “Keyboard”. One of the options at the top is called “Text Replacement”, so you tap that and then you’re taken to another page. Here you can edit and add different phrases that you want autocorrect to implement – so for example “omw” is a standard Apple acronym for “On the way!” When you type those three letters, your phone will change it to the phrase unless you tap the little “x” when the suggestion pops up.

To change “duck” to fuck, add the word duck to “Phrase” and then “fuck” to Shortcut. This also works for the “ing” counterparts of both words, but with this strategy it can be frustrating when you’re trying to actually talk about a duck.

Method 3 – Add the word as a contact

Alas – we have come to the latest technique. Here you will simply add the word “fuck” as a contact in your phone and it will stop trying to autocorrect the word to duck. It probably works for all the other swear words too, so go ahead and fill your contacts with countless entries to your heart’s desire. We’ve tried it and it works.

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