How Frances Bean Cobain’s brush with death changed her outlook on life

30! Frances Bean Cobaindaughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Lovecelebrates her 30th birthday (she was born on August 18, 1992) with a bit of reflection that reveals she didn’t always see the milestone birthday as a specific one.

In a very vulnerable and open Instagram post, Cobain reflected on her life up to this point and revealed some of the insecurities of her life and upbringing in public.

“I made it! Honestly, 20-year-old Frances wasn’t sure it was going to happen,” she explains. “At the time, an inherent sense of deep self-loathing dictated by insecurity, destructive coping mechanisms, and more trauma than my body or brain could handle informed how I saw myself and the world; through a lens of anger at being brought into a life, that apparently attracted so much chaos and the kind of pain attached to grief that felt inevitable.”

“So an event on a plane that brought me closer to death is ironically the event that made me run on this lived experience with radical gratitude,” Cobain adds. “I’m glad to have been proven wrong and to have found ways to turn pain into knowledge.”

She offers: “There’s a quote by @jaiyajohn I hold close which is ‘the softer she got with herself, the softer she got with the world’. It’s a sentiment I try to remember daily.”

Then Cobain shares his hopes for the future, Cobain adds: “As I enter this new decade, I hope to stay soft, no matter how hard the world may feel at times, bask in the present moment with reverence, shower the people I am lucky enough to love with more appreciation than words could ever do justice and make room to keep learning so the growth never stops I’m glad to be here and I’m glad you’re here too. “

Throughout his life, Cobain has dabbled in various artistic ventures, modelling, creating artwork, singing and taking an active role in the production of the Kurt Cobain documentary, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck.

See the full post below, along with various photos of Cobain with friends.

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