Skittles is reminding fans not to throw cones at Harry Styles with a full-page LA Times ad

“Protect the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. But please, don’t throw the rainbow,” a full-page print ad in Los Angeles Times sounds, Skittles announced Saturday (Nov. 19). The ad is the brand’s latest response to Harry Styles sheep an eye full of Skittles thrown in the face at a concert earlier this week.

On Saturday, the candy brand released a similar photo on social media along with the tweet: “PSA: Protect your eyes from Skittles (by eating them, not throwing them).”

The ad features a large pair of heart-shaped, protective glasses in homage to Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” sunglasses.

Styles was hit with Skittles while performing “Kiwi” at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California on Monday night (November 14). Footage of the unfortunate moment circulated online, and on Thursday, Skittles issued a bulletin on social media: “Don’t think I needed to say this: Don’t throw the Skittles,” the message read.

The singer has had a number of items thrown his way while performing on his Love On Tour, from chicken nuggets to an unidentified object that hit him in the groin area.

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