Star Wars ‘Han Shot First’ Blaster Sells For More Than $1 Million

The gun as used by Harrison Ford during the “He shot first” scene i Star wars: Episode IV – A New Hope has sold at auction for more than $1 million – double the expected price.

Based on a World War II German pistol, the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol prop was one of three made for the 1977 film, and the last known to exist. It was a central element in the scene where Han Solo engages in a sit-down showdown with the bounty hunter Greedo, who dies during a shootout.

Manager George Lucas disturb fans of recut the scene for a 1997 re-release to suggest a different sequence of events than that seen in the original film, leading to the “He shot first” fandom movement.

The Rock Island Auction Company announced blaster auction with an expected price range of $300,000 to $500,000, but it eventually sold for $1,057,500. “Undoubtedly the most iconic movie firearm of all time, it remains in fine overall condition and has been converted to a non-firing blanks only,” the description of the lot read. “Don’t miss this opportunity … because we all know: ‘Hokey religions and ancient weapons don’t go well with a good blaster by your side, kid.'”

Blasterlist also noted, “A lot of Lucas’s vision for Star wars was based on characters, gear, vehicles and settings being believable, a concept he often called ‘second-hand future’ [which] relied heavily on the equipment the characters used and the vehicles they traveled in to have a ‘lived in’ or well-used appearance.

“This drive to create a grittier sci-fi world paired with fairly limited initial funding led to some interesting solutions in the props department, especially when it came to the weapons that would be used for filming. This particular gun is an excellent example of the ingenuity that combines components from several different readily available surplus weapons.”

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