Gunna shares new message with fans from prison

Gunna will remain behind bars until YSL RICO trial starts in January, but he still managed to share a positive message with his fans.

On Tuesday night (November 22), the Atlanta native took to her Insta Stories with a hopeful message. “God is good,” he wrote simply on a plain black background.

Many fans are linking Gunna’s hopeful statement to his legal case and hope that there are more positive developments to come.

He is still waiting for word on one fourth resolution proposal on binding after having the first three attempts rejected by referee Ural Glanville.

In previous bond attempts, prosecutors have pressed Judge Glanville about the risk of releasing Gunna, who they believe could potentially endanger witnesses due to tampering.

“The other challenge that our imperfect system has not figured out a way to deal with other than rethinking the issuance of bonds and changing conditions surrounding the bond is [to] credit for evidence that may or may not come to trial, but the state carries that burden at this point,” he explained.

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“And it’s not a perfect system in the sense that we won’t know until then whether a lot of these statements that have been favored by the state will come to fruition. But at this point, I don’t see any change in the circumstances, who would allow me or move me [to] change my decision to bind.”

Young Thug and Gunna, who was arrested on vandalism charges in May as part of a 56-count indictment against their YSL collective, appeared in court via video for a preliminary hearing in Fulton County, Georgia last week. New photos of the jailed rhymers emerged on social media from the courtroom.

During the hearing, Judge Ural Glanville set the trial for January 9, 2023 after denying the prosecution’s motion to adjourn the case until Marchtrans 11 alive. “The biggest drive I see is that I have not bound most of the people in this trial and they deserve to have the right to go to trial,” the judge said.

Gunna and Thugger have also earned a 2023 Grammy Award nomination in the category of Best Rap Performance for “Pushin P” featuring Future.

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