Gucci Mane accused of stiffing Big Scar’s family during funeral

Memphis, TN –

Gucci Mane has been accused of stiffing Big Scarr’s family over funeral costs for the late rapper.

Scarr, who was signed to Gucci’s New 1017 Records label, died aged 22 on 22 December. It was later reported that he accidentally overdosed on prescription pills at his girlfriend’s house in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

In an Instagram Live broadcast over the weekend, Scarr’s close friend and collaborator Quezz Ruthless blasted Guwop for allegedly promising to pay for his former signee’s funeral before ghosting his family when it came time to deliver.

“You tell them you can pay for the funeral, you’re lying,” Quezz said. “You didn’t have to lie! You don’t have to go ghost either, cuh. It would be paid for both ways. You could have just said you don’t have the money. You don’t get any respect for that, cuh.”

He added: “The minute those people got on the phone to ask if you’d pay for the funeral, you blocked them. It’s not right, cuh. You’re not straight. You’re only trying to act real. You posted Scarr, talking about long live – bro, you’re not doing anything, cuh.

“When they wrote you asking about Scarr’s funeral, cuh, you told them people that Keyshia’s birthday was coming up. Man, you guys are rich! You can celebrate her birthday everyday. Come on, cuh.”

Quezz also claimed that Gucci Mane asked Scarr’s family to return the rapper’s 1017 chains after his death, but informed the So Icy Boyz boss that it wasn’t going to happen.

“You don’t get those chains, bruh,” he said matter-of-factly. “You don’t even write and check the family, but you write about some chains. I can’t believe you, cuh! You must not come to grab these chains. We get a real problem.

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“These chains, ours. Everything we’ve got, ours. You’re not getting it back, boy…Texting that you want the chains; come and get them then. Please come and try to get them.”

Scarr’s sister, Alexandra Woods, also called out Gucci Mane for allegedly failing to honor his funeral promise and requesting the return of Scarr’s jewelry.

“OMM he’s not getting those chains back!!” she wrote on social media. β€œYES He asked for the chains back & NO he is not getting them back!! My brother served ts my brother means everything to us and for him to do him like this is low Of!!!

“He said he couldn’t pay for the funeral because his wife’s birthday is coming up n-gga you a millionaire Gucci a bitch!!! Gotta get back in the blood!!!!”

Big Scarr (real name Alexander Woods) was recently laid to rest in Memphis. Other rappers NLE Choppa and BigWalkDog were among those in attendance, but Gucci Mane did not make an appearance.

“You didn’t know to show up to that funeral,” Quezz barked during his Instagram Live. “Even if you wanted to come, you’d get the door stomped on. Come on, you fool.”

Gucci Mane, there mourned the death of Big Scarr on social media at the time of his death, has yet to respond to the allegations.

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