GloRilla’s Thanksgiving Ruined: ‘I Just Found Out Ham Is Pork’

GloRilla has shared — at the risk of ridicule — a recent discovery she believes threatens the fate of her Thanksgiving dinner.

Before opening up about what she just found out, GloRilla admitted that she expected fans to mock the fact that she apparently didn’t know ham was a pork product. She said she stopped eating pork about five months ago.

“I know y’all have been laughing at me calling me slow & shit but I’ll admit it first and still say YO MAMA,” GloRilla’s tweet began. ” but anyway, I haven’t eaten pork for almost 5 months now, tell me why I just found out that ham is pork !!!!!!!”

She added, “Idk wtf I’m eating for thanksgiving now.”

The reaction from fans was just as GloRilla expected, with many unable to believe she didn’t know what ham was; and others wondered what animal she thought the meat came from.

A handful of fans focused on the more pressing matter of helping GloRilla find a Thanksgiving alternative.

This is not the first time that GloRilla’s honesty has made headlines. A Twitter user responding to her revelation on Saturday (November 19) called back British radio interview where the “Tomorrow” rapper made a similar confession.

During an appearance in October on a British station Kiss FMannouncer Henrie Kwushue explained that London has a fox problem, with the city’s animal population roaming the streets at night and getting up to all kinds of trouble. But GloRilla was shocked to find out they weren’t fictional.

“Fox? What is it?” she said. “The animal, fox? You have them out here? Is that normal? So they like dogs? So you’re not afraid of them? So they’re orange? I can’t believe it. I never even knew foxes were real.”

As the clip began to go viral, GloRilla shared the moment to her IG stories with laughing emojis.

GloRilla plans US tour in 2023 after earning first Grammy nomination

This week has been full of light moments for the fast-rising Memphis rapper. Just days after the release of her debut EP Either way, life is greatGloRilla landed her first Grammy nomination for “FNF (Let’s Go),” which is in the running for Best Rap Performance.

The song also got Glo a shout from Naswho named checked her on The King’s Disease III bonus track “Til My Last Breath”, where he raps: “I put pressure, I see why she pressed (Why she pressed)/ When she was with me, she GloRilla, FNF (FNF)/NAS, I’m steppin’ ’til my last breath (My last breath, yeah).”

“I love it so much, Nas is really a great legend,” shared Glo TMZ. “It’s super big. Like I’ve never been in a million years.”

GloRilla is next set to make her debut performance at the 2022 American Music Awards, which airs on ABC Sunday (November 20) at 20:00 EST.

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