Gillie Da Kid says he would ‘dust’ Jake Paul if he was in the same weight class

Gillie Da Kid feels very confident in his boxing skills and thinks he could pull through Jake Paul in the ring if they were ever in the same weight class.

That Games worth millions of dollars the host showed off his hand speed and performed a potential promo for a match with the Problem Child.

“Jake Paul is a little too big. I need someone around my weight class,” he said. “If Jake Paul was in my weight class, I’d knock Jake off.”

Gillie seemed to come to his senses when it came time to post a caption for his post, explaining that he was just joking. “@jakepaul I’m just a fu$kin Witcha,” Gillie wrote.

Fans blasted Gillie for not keeping up the same energy he had in the clip in the caption.

“How you give in to a caption. That man is being violated rn,” one person wrote. Another added: “A plea for a caption is crazy.”

Jake Paul earlier hit the ring weighs about 190 pounds in the cruiserweight division. Gillie is considerably smaller than Paul, and he would typically fight a couple of weight classes under the influence of social media.

Jake Paul isn’t the only one Gillie has smoked he recently put “old heads” on blast to try to keep up with the stylish fashion trends which are popular among the young.

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“To all you old heads running around trying to live your second damn childhood because you finally came up with some damn money at 41, 43 and a half,” Gillie said in an Instagram video earlier this week.

“Now you’re running around with all that designer crap on?” All those big-ass sneaks trying to act like you, cool old head? You are not. You’re corny, n-gga. You’ve always been corny. Nothing will change that. You are a CMF for life! A corny muthafucka!”

He continued: “And you know, who knows you’re corny? All those muthafuckas who knew you before you were 41 and a half years old and finally got your fucking life together and got some money. Now you running around here , you think because you have a nice car, you’re wearing those ass Balenciagas that you shouldn’t. No, you’re too old for that shit.”

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