Gillie Da Kid appeals to ‘Corny’ old heads who dress young

Gillie Da Kid has made it very clear that he is not a fan of grown men who dress like they are younger than they are.

That Games worth millions of dollars podcast host made a PSA in an Instagram post on Monday (Jan. 9), repeating several times how petty such people are.

“To all you old heads running around trying to live your second damn childhood because you finally came up with some damn money at 41, 43 and a half,” Gillie began. “Now you’re running around with all that designer crap on?” All those big-ass sneaks trying to act like you, cool old head? You are not. You’re corny, n-gga. You’ve always been corny.

“Ain’t nothing gonna change that. You’re a CMF for life! A corny muthafucka! And you know who knows you’re corny? All the muthafuckas who knew you before you were 41 and a half old and finally got your fucking life together and got some money. Now you’re running around here thinking because you have a nice car, you’re wearing those ass Balenciagas you shouldn’t be. No, you’re too old that shit.”

He continued: “I’m just telling you, you’re still fucking corny. OKAY? And you got those big ass teeth in your mouth,” he added. “That shit doesn’t matter. You’re corny! OKAY? I’d get my puppies done, but I haven’t found a n-gga that hasn’t done too big teeth yet. So I’m running around with these puppies. But the bottom line is, your n-ggas is still corny.

“If you weren’t a fly n-gga, you weren’t a living n-gga when you were a young n-gga – just because you’re old and you finally got some money and you think you found out of it. , you’re still fucking corny. Never fucking forget that.”

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Last month, Gillie Da Kid and his co-host Wallo were awarded keys to their hometown of Philadelphia. The pair have been determined to help and give back to their community and have continued to use their platform to do so.

“I just have a question,” a shocked Gillie joked when she received the key. “Does this come with first row Eagles or Sixers tickets?”

The honor marked a big year for the couple. In October, Gillie and Wallo reportedly signed a $100 million deal with Barstool Sports to Games worth millions of dollars.

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