Gillie Da Kid calls out a TSA agent for getting too familiar

Gillie Da Kid has put a TSA agent on blast after experiencing a prolonged pre-flight pat down that left him feeling uncomfortable and visibly upset.

In a video posted to his Instagram page Friday morning (Jan. 20), Gillie can be seen being searched by a TSA agent for about 1:40 minutes. While the security check is being carried out, his Games worth millions of dollars co-host Wallo can be heard joking about the lengths to which the agent will go.

When he finally rejoins his crew, Gillie Da Kid expresses her outrage at the encounter.

“He grabs bits and all that, crazy early in the morning,” he says, looking into the camera. “N-gga grabbin pieces man. No one needs to seek you out like that, man. He does like this man, come on man. There’s nothing in there but my slammer, man. You bang early in the morning, man.”

He echoed the sentiment in his caption, to which he again tagged American Airlines. Gillie previously called the airline out in November for perceived racial profiling after he was allegedly asked to be strip-searched at a Texas airport.

Video of the exchange shows the rapper turned podcaster trading words with a TSA agent wearing a cowboy hat.

“The plane full of white people leaves Dallas and the only black man asks if he has illegal drugs in his bag,” Gillie wrote along with the exchange on Instagram, tagging American Airlines. “You’re picking the wrong ni$$ai day, pal.”

Gillie can be heard saying in the video: “What are you talking about? Do you want to see here? You asked me if you could apply [my bag] so I searched for you.”

“Don’t lie to the camera, sir,” the agent replied.

“Oh come on, man, don’t lie to the camera. You went and got me. Get away from me man. You picked me,” Gillie continued. “For what? I’m probably the richest person on this plane, get off me man.”

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The agent then proceeded to accuse Gillie of “smelling like marijuana” and reminded the podcast host that it was “illegal in Texas.”

“I smell marijuana, are you serious? Are you serious? What do you mean be real. You gotta be real,” Gillie said. “Got the wrong one today huh?”

Gillie Da Kid is far from the first rapper to voice their frustrations with American Airlines. In 2018, YG criticized the airline for being racist after he was accused of being drunk on a plane and removed from the plane.

While American Airlines never responded to YG or Gillie, they did bite back on one occasion involving Iggy Azalea, who chastised the airline for giving away her and her son’s seat on a flight.

The airline staff then responded and said so TMZ that Iggy missed her flight due to her own delay.

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