Ghost’s Tobias Forge Thinks Too Many Bands Are Touring At The Same Time – ‘It’s Hurting Everyone’

Ghost’p Tobias Forge believes that there are too many bands touring at the same time and “it hurts everyone.” Forge goes on to say that bands suffer because of it, which is why Ghost has decided to stay out of it.

In an interview with Z93s The morning after Tobias Forge talked about how Ghost will be touring a lot in 2023. The band chose not to do a summer festival tour “just because 2022’s lineup was 2020’s lineup, so there was no room for us; they couldn’t accommodate a new band coming in , because all the places were taken two years ago.”

Forge explains: “There’s just too much going on right now – so many bands out there – and it’s just too crowded. And it actually hurts everybody. I don’t want the violins out for rock and roll music, but trust me when I so that a lot of your favorite bands are really Suffering because of … Coming out of COVID, everybody’s trying to tour at the same time, and obviously people can’t see every band that’s coming through.”

This is why Ghost decided to ‚Äústay out of [this shit]” and chose one USA tour with Mastodon and Spirtbox this year and is doing a world tour in 2023. “We’re ecstatic about this tour that we’re doing right now, that people are showing up, and that’s a lot.” Forge also mentions how Ghost had planned a tour in Europe, but says “Europe is just too weird right now. There’s too much going on and there’s a huge energy crisis.”

“We’re going to do the whole world by 2023,” says Forge.

Ghost’s Tobias Forge talks to Z93’s The Morning After

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