What is this ghostly ‘Jesus Coming’ poster in Hollywood all about? Reddit has theories

Could there be more Ghost music on the horizon or is something else coming? ONE new poster has appeared on a Hollywood building site that seems to be teasing something from the band. The photo, featuring the band’s logo and the distinctive face of Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IV, is captioned with the words “Jesus Is Coming,” and it has Ghost fans buzzing on reddit about what that means exactly.

The initial Reddit thread questions whether the poster is a sign that a new “Papa” is on the way, as those who have followed the band’s arc have seen different “Papa Emeritus” figures lead different eras of the band.

There is widespread agreement that it is too soon for the current pope emeritus to move on, especially given the two years of pandemic lockdown out of the limelight. So where does that leave us with the new Ghost tease? Well, Reddit has some theories.

One popular possibility is the possibility that the “Jesus” in the announcement is a nod to a potential cover of the Depeche Mode classic, “Personal Jesus,” either as a solo release, an album inclusion, or as part of a covers EP. Another fan also suggested another possible “Jesus” cover as part of an EP.

Others have suggested it’s a tease for a California-based concert, citing the band’s recent video promos as a big clue.

But perhaps the whole change of Papas is not so far off, while others point to the idea that it might be the resurrection of a former ghostly figure that might happen around Easter. These theories seem to dig into the history surrounding the band, looking for clues in past videos.

Of course, the teases could simply be more direct, with “Jesus Is Coming” being exactly a song or album title and not a clue to a larger mystery.

But the guessing is just part of the fun. So what say you Ghost fans? What is your theory on the poster proclaiming Ghost? Tell us in the comments.

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