Ghost just landed their first song on Billboard’s Hot 100 Song Chart

Ghost continue to reap the benefits of their recent viral success – the rockers have now earned their first ever song Billboard’s Hot 100 Songs chart with “Mary on a Cross”, which entered at No. 90.

The single was released in 2019, but thanks to being in a Stranger Things TikTok video in late July, it is now climbing the charts. In the middle of August, the song cracked the top 10 on Spotify’s Viral 50 Global chartand it became a popular song to use on TikTok.

The course essentially follows in the footsteps of Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets,” which also entered the Hot 100 for the first time earlier this summer. The only differences are that “Mary on a Cross” wasn’t actually on Stranger Things soundtrack, and the Metallica song came out over three decades ago.

TikTok has obviously proven its ability to bring certain songs and artists into the spotlight, but what does this mean for the future of the music industry? Funnily enough, Ghost lead singer Tobias Forge recently admitted in an interview that he didn’t understand how the social media platform worked until about a month ago, and now his band is benefiting greatly, winning over a new wave of fans.

“I hear a lot of people [say], ‘Oh I heard you about it or I saw you opening for this band. Today, it’s like, “Oh, I heard about you on TikTok.” And then all of a sudden they kind of dive into this… the sum total of everything we’ve done over the years,” Forge said during the interview with Detroit’s WRIF.

Congratulations to Ghost on their recent successes – let’s extend a warm welcome to all the people who discover them as a result.

Ghost – ‘Mary on a Cross’

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