Foo Fighters Joined by Drummers Travis Barker, Nandi Bushell, Taylor Hawkins’ Son Shane & More for Tribute Concert

The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert lasted more than five hours on Saturday (September 3) and ended the night with an emotional, riveting Foo Fighters takes place at London’s Wembley Stadium.

The show was a special tribute to the late drummer, with an impressive number of special guests throughout the evening. The Foo Fighters’ headliner featured many of the band’s biggest hits, assisted by friends and family on drums in place of Taylor Hawkins.


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Dave Grohl told the crowd they’d see a “revolving door of drummers” honoring Hawkins on stage with them, noting (to cheers all around), “When it comes to Taylor Hawkins, you gotta celebrate the drummers, right?”

Josh Freese joined the group on “Times Like These” and “All My Life,” while Travis Barker — who Grohl recalled was in a band but also “of-that garbageman in Taylor’s neighborhood” when the two first met — commanded the stage for “The Pretender” and “Monkey Wrench.”

Next up was someone who Grohl described as “one of the most bada drummers I’ve ever met in my entire life” and “the greatest cut star on the bill”: young drummer Nandi Bushell, who joined the Foo Fighters on “Learn to Fly”. “This fine young drummer challenged me to a drum battle… at first I thought she was joking. She wasn’t,” he said. “I engaged in a drum fight and she proceeded to kick me in front of the whole world.”

Rufus Taylor took the drums on “These Days” and “Best of You”. Grohl said: “We’ve known him since he was a little kid because of his dad’s band [Queen] is Taylor’s favorite band and his father was, I think, Taylor’s favorite singer.”

Before the Foo Fighters continued with their own best-of set, Grohl—teasing, “We’ve got another little surprise for you”—let a few other superstars take the spotlight: Paul McCartney and Chrissie Hyndewho united for an unexpected duet of The Beatles“Oh! Darling,” exchanged vocals on the verses before McCartney transitioned into “Helter Skelter”. McCartney revealed that he had never done “Oh! Darling” as a duet before Saturday night, and really hadn’t performed the song “since we recorded it 100 years ago.” “God bless Taylor,” he said.

Omar Hakim had assisted McCartney on drums and he remained on stage as the Foo Fighters started back with their own hits. Of “Aurora,” Grohl said, “I think this next song was Taylor’s favorite Foo Fighters song.”

A touching highlight of the night came next. “Let me tell you,” Grohl said, introducing a very special drummer to the crowd. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody hit the drums as hard as this person… He’s a member of our family and he’s going to be here tonight with all of us.” A photo of Hawkins with his son Shane was shown on a big screen and the teenager joined the group on drums for a moving “My Hero”.

“I hope you felt all the love from all of us and all the performers because we felt it from you, for Taylor, tonight,” Grohl said as the night ended. “I don’t really know what else to say.”

“This one’s for Taylor,” he said, ending a great night of music with “Everlong.”

“Let’s hear it big and loud for Taylor f—ing Hawkins right now,” Grohl said.

Watch the full show below.

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