Fivio Taps Eli Manning & Shaun O’Hara For ‘1 On 3’ NY Giants Remix | HipHopDX

Fivio Foreign has released a new single and he has crowned Super Bowl champions Eli Manning and Shaun O’Hara for helping him promote it.

On Thursday (10 November) Fivio and the New York Giants shared a video of the meeting between the rapper and former footballers at a studio as part of Eli’s extras YouTube series. The video opens with Manning and O’Hara being met by a woman on Fivio’s team in his studio.

She tells the duo that Fivio has been looking forward to working with them, but they needed to dress the part. Eli Manning and Shaun O’Hara ended up wearing several high-end pieces before finally meeting up with the “Big Drip” rapper.

Once inside the studio, Eli and Shaun are blessed by Fivio with a set of chilled chains, and they waste no time getting some rhymes off the instrumental for the Brooklyn native’s new track “1 On 3.”

Home is in the studio, fresh off the set/ New York Hip Hoppers, the latest threat/ Listen to our music ladies and gentlemen/ We’re getting ready to kick it, here’s 60 cent“, Eli raps in the video.

O’Hara brands herself with an equally hilarious verse, rapping: “On the show I’m your co-host Shaun/ But out on the street I’m not your sidekick/ High pitch, low pitch give it some momentum/ Passing the mic to the king of New York.

Fivio Foreign blames the production team for his poor Brooklyn Nets Halftime performance

Fivio then jumps on the mic to drop his verse as Eli and Shaun try to toughen up and party with the rapper’s entourage in the studio.

We can do it one on one or we can do it one on three/ You don’t have to ask my team ’cause it’s NYC/ Keep it on the court and I’ll keep it on the street/ You already know who we are , Shaun, Eli and me“, raps Fivio.

The video was meant to promote Fivio Foreign’s new single “1 On 3” featuring Rvssian, which was released on Friday (November 11). The track was also included an official music video who finds Fivio and Rvssian showing up at a warehouse with their team.

The song comes after Fivio Foreign dropped his freestyle to DJ Khaled’s hit single “GOD DID” with Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and JAY-Z back in September.

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