Firstborne (Chris Adler + James LoMenzo) release 2 new songs

First bornthe metal group with a drummer Chris Adler (ex-Lamb of Godex-Megadeth) and bassist James LoMenzo (Megadeth, formerly White Lion), released two new songs this week – “Bad Things” and “One of a Kind”.

These are the first tunes this year from the two musicians’ joint number, and there are plenty more to come, they have promised. In 2020, Firstborne released a cover of Journeys “Special Ways.” The Firstborne band’s lineup also includes guitarist Myrone and lead singer Girish Pradhan.

Listen to the new songs at the bottom of this post.

Adler says of Firstborne’s current position: “We’ve made good use of the time. For the next year plus, we’ll be releasing a song a month, starting here and now with a one-two punch.”

He adds: “I’m thrilled to be in a creative partnership that can do almost anything. Feels like playing in God Mode on Guitar Hero. It’s a passion project and it’s fun for us to share. Dig in, or don’t. See you next month!”

First born earlier released a self-titled EP and more other independent singles. Check out Firstborne on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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Firstborne, “Bad Things”

Firstborne, “One of a Kind”

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