Feid takes Medellin by storm with three sold-out concerts at Hometown Stadium

Feud never had the title Plaza de Toros La Macarena — Medellin, Colombia’s fabled bullring, also used as a concert venue — by Friday (September 9), making the artist’s decision to play his hometown venue three consecutive nights even more ambitious.



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See the latest videos, charts and news

It’s a feat no other act has ever achieved. J Balvin and Nicky Jam are the only artists to even headline La Macarena on back-to-back nights. But some might say that Feid, a reggaeton singer-songwriter who has been on the rise for years, wasn’t ambitious enough in this case.

Feid’s show on Friday in front of an audience of about 9,000 sold out in less than two hours. Medellin newspaper El Colombiano reported that his other two shows sold out in two days. Could Feid (real name: Salomón Villada Hoyos) headline the bigger Estadio Atanasio Girardot like other Medellin natives Maluma and Karol G have recent months? Maybe. But this weekend’s shows at La Macarena felt like a more natural progression.

Feid, who also goes by the nickname Ferxxo, has said that the La Macarena headliner had long been one of his goals. It is unclear whether he was brought to tears the moment he took the stage shortly after 10 p.m. 23 (his eyes were covered by sunglasses for all but one minute of the nearly two-hour show), but he said he will always have a special place in his heart.

“‘Mom, thanks for giving Ferxxo the most hijueputa gig I think he’ll ever have in his life,'” said Feid, known for his frequent use of Colombian slang (and the third person). “Whatever happens tomorrow and continues to happen, no, I will never forget today.”

Here are the highlights from Feid’s hometown show – Colombian slang and all.

Deep cuts: Medellin has produced several stars in the music industry in recent years, but few are as beloved in the city as Feid. He has a strong connection with Medellin and wanted to acknowledge that on Friday by performing some deep cuts. ”Mom, there are some chimba songs in Ferxxo’s career that we rarely sang, but Medellin deserves the most chimba…” he said before launching into “Nea.” The song is named after a Colombian expression that many uses to describe someone from the hood Others might tell you that Feid, whose outfit change Friday consisted of baggy clothes, baseball caps and pulled-up socks, is the face of nea.

make a wish: Feid brought a green cake to introduce his song “Feliz Cumpleanos Ferxxo,” which he released last month to celebrate his 30th birthday. Did he want the crowd to sing him “Happy Birthday”? Or should he throw the cake into the crowd Steve Aoki style? The answer was neither. He asked who in the crowd was celebrating a birthday, and then just handed the entire cake to an audience member in the front row. “I don’t know what you’re going to do with that,” Feid said, “but there you go.”

Feid picks a favorite: Some artists have a hard time picking a favorite song from their catalog, but not Feid. “It’s time to sing Ferxxo’s favorite song. And it’s ‘X19X,'” he said while introducing the explicitly romantic number. “My message for today, Medallo, and to everyone who comes to see Ferxxo is always one of love.” He then dedicated the song to the couples in the crowd and wished them luck.

Make Papi proud: “Mojando Asientos” proved to be one of the biggest crowd pleasers of the night, even without Maluma present to sing his part. The audience played the role of Papi Juancho – who recently underwent knee surgery – and belted out his verse in what was the loudest song of the night. Coincidentally, while the crowd was singing about wet seats, the rain started to come down and yes, the seats got wet. The venue broke out the retractable roof not long after that.

Keep trucking: The night’s big reveal wasn’t a surprise guest. It was the custom monster truck that took center stage an hour into the show during Feid’s performance of “Castigo.” The truck — a nod to the “Castigo” music video — was spun forward with Feid standing on a wheel. Adding to the dramatic visuals: The smoke and simulated lighting. It was all a lot chimbaas Feid would say.

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