Fans are angry that NBC barely aired Ozzy’s NFL Halftime Performance

Ozzy Osbourne performed at halftime of the Los Angeles Rams vs. Buffalo Bills game that kicked off the new NFL season, but fans are pretty upset that the NBC broadcast barely showed any of the two-song set.

Just before a commercial break after the end of the first half, viewers were promised that the broadcast would return with an appearance from a rock legend. When coverage returned, on-court commentators and analysts recapped the events of the first two quarters, making light mention of the backing artist (Ozzy) as the video feed showed about 15 seconds of the “Prince of Darkness” playing the title track of his new album, Patient number 9.

And in an instant, it was back to discussing how sloppy the defending Super Bowl champion Rams looked against the ultra-promising Bills, who went on to win the season opener by a score of 31 to 10.

Rock and metal fans felt cheated, especially given that the 73-year-old icon’s appearance was a highly hyped affair.

Was it wrong for fans to assume they would be able to capture more than 15 seconds? Maybe, but broadcasting has certainly minimized it – almost to the point of non-existence – and it’s another mainstream thorn in the side of this community that is just tired of this style of music being diminished by others.

Fortunately, recordings of the set has circulated online from those in attendance at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. For “Patient Number 9”, Ozzy was supported by the producer Andrew Watt (guitar), Chris Chaney (bass) and Tommy Clufetos (drums), after which Zak Wylde joined the group on stage to play “Crazy Train,” giving the singer a dual guitar attack.

See what angry fans had to say about NBC’s all-too-brief coverage of Ozzy’s halftime show below.


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