‘Angry’ Fan Dressed As Jesus Gets Kicked Out Of Exodus Show (But First He Got Something To Touch)

On Exodus‘ show in Penticton, British Columbia in Canada (on tour with Anthrax and Black Label Society), a fan dressed as Jesus and described by one attendee as “angry”, was ejected and escorted by police upon his exit.

No, it wasn’t Officer Holt (the nickname many fans know guitarist Gary Holt of), who left footprints in the snow outside the South Okanagan Events Center while walking with the Christ-costumed concert-goer — two police officers seen in a photo shared by a local on Save your.

Commenters on various Reddit threads did not point to a definitive reason why this makeshift Jesus was booted from the show, making a couple of news reports based in Canada, but some had their own ideas.

Concertgoer Jen Moffat explains the nickname the fan was given as the night went on and theorized what might have happened to him afterwards.

“He was fine when we met him, but then we saw him later and he looked really angry, so we started referring to him as ‘angry Jesus.’ Pretty sure he spent the night in the drunken tank. He missed most of the show,” she says (via InfoNews.ca).

Another attendee noted that the “kicker” was that “Angry Jesus” was performed while Black Label Society played their hit song “Suicide Messiah”. But not before they were photographed snacking on popcorn and washing it down with a fountain drink while surrounded by police (also see photo further down), in addition to him moshing in the pit during Exodus.

“You can’t make this shit up! A little humor to go with my doctor visit for x-rays after I ate crap on a slippery bus step that got off at the border crossing,” says Holt d. Instagramshares a screenshot of a news report about “Angry Jesus” being thrown out.

“Worse pain ever, but nothing broken,” he adds of the recent injury, “Probably under the skin blood clot. It damn hurts, but standing hurts the least, so Grand Forks! I might not be all over the stage tonight, or doing a lot of anything but riffing, but it’s going to be sick!”

It has been a bit of a rough start to the trip. First Anthrax bassist Frank Bello was kept on board a plane for three hours after that skidded off the runway and landed in a ditch the evening before the trip started. Meanwhile, Exodus missed the first show entirely, stuck at the infamous Donner Pass (which had been closed) with no option but to just head to the second tour stop to join Anthrax and Black Label Society.

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