Fall Out Boy’s cryptic teaser plans get weirder, just ask Oli Sykes – ‘WTF is this?’

Fall Out Boy‘s cryptic teaser campaign for “FOB 8” — no doubt the pop-punk band’s upcoming eighth studio album — keeps getting stranger. This week, Bring me the horizon singer Oli Sykes received a Fall Out Boy seashell in the mail marked “Love From the Other Side”.

Could that be the name of Fall Out Boy’s upcoming effort?

See the picture at the bottom of this post.

“wtf what is this and why is it at my house,” Sykes captioned a photo of the shell he shared on his Instagram story Tuesday (January 10). Handwritten on the shell is the inscription “1 of 13”, indicating exclusivity. The shell apparently arrived in a plain box labeled Fragile and included a note inside from Fall Out Boy saying “Love From the Other Side”. (via NME)

Reportedly, other fans also received Fall Out Boy seashells in the mail. The note Sykes received next to his, which also includes each FOB member’s initials, lists a date of Jan. 19, 2022. This suggests that something new from Fall Out Boy could arrive on that day.

Last month, Fall Out Boy launched the teaser website sendingmylovfromtheotherside.com and shared a clay animation video called “A Claymation Fall Out Boy party.” At the end of the clip, part of what is believed to be a new Fall Out Boy song can be heard.

On the site itself, Fall Out Boy fans can “RSVP” by joining the band’s mailing list. Around the same time, some Fall Out Boy fans also received cryptic postcards promoting the site sendingmylovefrompinkseashellbeach.comwhich is probably connected with the mussel gift.

But it was back in November 2022 that Fall Out Boy fans got the first indication of renewed band activity when a newspaper ad for “FOB 8” appeared in November. 28 print and digital Chicago Tribune.

That Tribune is one of Fall Out Boy’s hometown rags. And it’s been about five years since Fall Out Boy came out MANIA, their seventh album. Since then, the band has released an EP, a greatest hits collection and more. Fall Out Boy was formed in Wilmette, Illinois, a rural suburb of Chicago, in 2001.

The full-page Fall Out Boy ad features a stylized wordmark for “FOB 8” prominently above the divider. The “O” in “FOB” is an artistic smiley logo with one side dark and one side light as a yin and yang symbol. At the bottom it says, in a smaller font, If you build it, they will come.

“If you build it, they will come,” is a misquoted variation of an iconic 1989s movie line Field of dreams. In the film, the character Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) hears a disembodied voice in a cornfield say, “If you build it, he will come.” Fall Out Boy often references movies in their songs.

Oli Sykes’ Fall Out Boy Seashell

Oli Sykes’ Fall Out Boy seashell

Instagram: @olobersykes

“A Claymation Fall Out Boy Celebration”

Fall Out Boy Ad in Chicago Tribune

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