Fall Out Boy Sold Out By Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo In Prank Gone Wrong For ‘Heartbreak Feels So Good’ Video: Watch

Fall Out Boy, just days after releasing his comeback single “Love From the Other Side,” is already back with another new track and accompanying visual. On Wednesday (Jan. 25), the band released a music video for its follow-up single, “Heartbreak Feels So Good,” which features a familiar face in cut music — Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo.

“The robbery begins now. And before anyone asks, well, we’re all doing our own stunts,” the band shared in an Instagram post announcing the new video.

“Fall Out Boy decided to film a prank in their new music video. It didn’t go as planned,” reads the caption of the video before its kickoff. The scene then cuts to band members Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump and Andy Hurley chatting about their fun plans in the back of a vehicle.

While discussing the setup, Hurley asks, “Where’s Joe?” to which Wentz replies, “Dude, you know Joe. Like where is he … ever?”

“Sorry, Rivers is okay with this? Do we know?” Stump asks, but Wentz assures him, “Dude, it’s practically his idea. He’s so into it.”

Of course, it doesn’t go according to plan. While the Weezer frontman initially signs off on the plan for him to be kidnapped while taking photos with fans, at the last minute he ditches the guys, yelling “Oh my God. It’s Fall Out Boy … and they’re trying to kidnap Rivers Cuomo! Fuck those guys.”

The band members then spend the rest of the video trying to outrun fans, getting into fights with a chain gang, speeding through a convenience store, and even jumping off a roof to evade capture.

“We could cry a little, cry a lot/ But don’t dance, don’t you dare stop/ We’ll cry later or cry now/ You know it’s heartache/ We could dance our tears away, set ourselves free/ We’ll cry later or cry now but baby/ Heartbreak feels so good,” Stump sings on the chorus of the rock track.

Guitarist Joe Trohman – who recently announced that he’s taking one break from the band — appears at the end of the video via phone, reminding the guys that the concert they were trying to get to on time was actually the following weekend

“Heartbreak Feels So Good” is the second song to be released from Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album, So much (too) stardust. The LP is scheduled for release on March 24th.

Watch the video for “Heartbreak Feels So Good” above.

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