10 Rock and Metal Bands That Started Out Christian But No Longer Are

Do you have a favourite? earlier Christian band? After all, Christian music is big business, but many artists who started in that domain eventually chose to leave that side of entertainment.

So what makes a singer or group give up the ghost of Christian rock?

Taking the musical exodus as a whole, it appears that several members of Christian rock and metal bands just grew out of the doctrine to which they had become accustomed. But not every affected artist’s story is so cut and dried.

Yet a similar narrative emerges across several rock subgenres. If you look at mainstream rock, Evanescence is a group that was launched with a religious angle that abandoned it when they found success. Over into indie rock Pedro the lion bandmaster David Bazan struggled with his evangelical upbringing through music for years before finally coming to terms with his unbelief.

Punk and metal also have plenty of artists who strayed from Christianity after initially setting out with a pious aim. Take the perennial pop punks MxPxfor example, or the brutal metalcore riffers Gideon. Both left the church for good as far as their music is concerned.

Then there is Under oath, who said that dropping the Christian label after two full decades in a godly way was one of the best decisions they made as a group. And there are several who have chosen to go that way.

So what’s your favorite ex-Christian band? Scroll down to see 10 who have successfully left the musical faith.

10 Rock and Metal Bands That Started Out Christian But No Longer Are

There is the Father, the Son, the Spirit… and the rock. But not every rock and metal group that started its career as a Christian stays that way – like the following examples.

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