Watch Evanescence perform ‘Take Cover’ with an 8-year-old viral drummer

It’s good to know that the future of music is bright, and we’re also thankful for the bands that are there to promote it. During a recent visit to Glasgow in the UK, the members of Evanescence met and spent time with aspiring 8-year-old drummer Caleb Hayes, and the kid showed them what he’s got as they ran through “Take Cover” during soundcheck ahead of their Thursday (Nov. 17) show at the OVO Hydro.

Hayes has previously received media attention for his play, performs a cover of Slipknot’s “Sulphur” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He’s also cited Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Joey Jordison, and yes, Evanescence’s Will Hunt as early influences, so it’s no surprise that he formed an instant bond with Hunt after being invited to Evanescence’s show.

Hunt shared a photo of himself with Caleb on Instagram, saying: “What an incredible experience to meet this amazing young man and his family (he just turned 8!!). @calebhdrummer4 came with his parents and his amazing sister Isabella to our show in Glasgow at The Hydro. I’ve seen Caleb do a drum cover of our song ‘Take Cover’ on Instagram. So when he and the family came to soundcheck we asked if he’d play the song with us.”

“With absolutely ZERO fear or trepidation, he smiled really big, shook his head and said YES! He absolutely KILLED it, and with his smile and playing, he continued to put smiles on everyone’s faces throughout the arena,” the drummer continued. “His smile and joy when he plays is contagious and reminds me why I started playing in the first place. Thanks Caleb! Keep ripping and I look forward to seeing you again soon!!!”

Not long after his first post, Hunt was able to post video footage of Hayes behind the set rocking “Take Cover,” which you can watch below. “Okay – here it is! @calebhdrummer4 absolutely SLAMMIN’ on our song ‘Take Cover’, live, off the net, in Glasgow at The Hydro arena,” says Hunt. “Just incredible to see and see. You will see me on screen and love every second of it.”

As the 8-year-old plays, the appreciation from the band is palpable, with Hunt by his side often raising his arms as Hayes plays. At the end of the performance, Caleb is also greeted with cheers from Amy Lee and other band members. And the appreciation has since gone beyond Evanescence, too Cereal‘s Ray Luzier comments, “Great, love that kid” and Pop Evil‘s Hayley Cramer posts, “Best thing I’ve seen in months! @calebhdrummer4 WOW! Precision and style! I’m blown away.”

Caleb’s family also shared their response to their day with Evanescence. “Caleb was absolutely floored when he was invited to play ‘Take Cover’ with Evanescence at soundcheck! He wasn’t expecting it, and even though Will’s Monster set is huge compared to Caleb (4ft tall), he was still adamant decided to crush it and give it your all! Enjoy Thanks Will for making this happen. Precious memories with an absolutely amazing band,” Caleb’s family wrote on the YouTube post of the performance below.

Evanescence continues to tour, with dates booked through December. They’ll also be hitting the road with Muse in 2023. Be sure to catch them on the road and get your tickets here.

Evanescence performs “Take Cover” with 8-year-old drummer Caleb Hayes

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