Erykah Badu, the doctor and daughter Puma react to ass photos

Erykah Badu and DOC trended this week after their daughter Puma posted a photo with her mom that showed off their behinds — and now the whole family has responded to the backlash.

The photo in question arrived on Monday (January 23), showing Puma and her famous mom from behind in tight leggings. It got a great response, but not everything was positive.

“So you want to advertise to objectify and exploit your bodies for personal gain and then post for paid likes and engagement,” wrote one Instagram user. “This is clearly commercial prostitution.”

“All for social media,” said another. “Thanks for the free b. dad is proud. wuz up doc.”

In response, the whole family has added their two cents – and they all double Puma’s right to post the photo.

“I posted a picture (not my mom) of me and my mom badu in some cute pants. I’m an adult. What’s the real issue? Let’s discuss,” 18-year-old Puma wrote in a separate post.

“Well…” Erykah and DOC each wrote in separate comments under the post, apparently to say they’re waiting for a legitimate reason why it was a problem.

Erykah also responded to DOC’s comment, calling him “the best.”

According to AllHipHopErykah also shared the photo on her Instagram story, writing, “made them sick” and “wait till you see from the outside (heart, mind, spirit$).”

Erykah Badu also commented on the matter on Twitter. “Next year I’m going to show you all a sonogram x-ray of my colon. Dr. Says, and I quote, ‘it’s just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,'” she joked.

Dr. Dre, Eminem, DOC + Erykah Badu’s daughter sparks together rumors with epic Instagram photo

Talking to HipHopDX last year about his new documentaryDOC opened up about his relationship with his ex and the mother of his child, revealing that they are still so close that she even bore his children with his new wife.

“I owe Erykah everything,” the former NWA rapper said. “I owe her everything. I mean, Erykah is a soulmate. She brought great energy to this movie in a lot of ways. She really connected with us in a lot of ways behind the scenes and did a lot to help us push this thing forward . And just as a man stepped forward, my two sons, Erykah was the doula, she delivered my boys.”

He added: “Honestly, she’s the coolest person I’ve ever talked to. She’s cool as hell. I mean, she just has such a presence. I would describe her as ethereal.”

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