Eddie Vedder Honors First Responders + 9/11 Victims During Pearl Jam Show

Pearl Jam played New York City’s legendary Madison Square Garden last night (September 11), marking the 21st anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. During the show, Eddie Vedder expressed his admiration for the city and honored the first responders and victims of the tragedy.

The rockers played a massive set of 25 songs during the evening, which included covers of Wet legs, Mother Love Bone, Dead boys, Prince and Neil Young [via Setlist.fm]. They closed out the night with a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and Vedder gave a few speeches throughout the night commemorating the 9/11 attacks.

“9/11 was horrible, traumatic, despicable… But in some ways 9/12 was amazing. 9/12 people came together as one. We were supported by the rest of the planet. And most importantly in our country, we supported each other,” the frontman told the crowd [via a press release from Republic Records]. “There was a time when we supported each other. That’s the part we can’t forget. We can stay together. We don’t have to wait for another terrorist attack and suffer this being divided.”

“I think I was told this is the 37th time this band has played in New York City. In perspective, I think we’ve only played Seattle 50… But here’s the thing, and I haven’t never mind saying it publicly: I can’t remember half the damn shows,” Vedder added later that night. “But I feel like we remember every single New York City show we’ve ever had. This has the potential to be the most memorable of them all… We’re quite honored to spend this important date with you. “

The vocalist noted that a lot of first responders were present at the show and dedicated the night to them.

Watch some fan-filmed footage from the night below.

Pearl Jam’s next scheduled show is set for September. 14 in Camden, NJ and will continue through early October. See the rest of the dates and get your tickets here.

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