Ed Sheeran is the first artist to hit 100 million followers on Spotify, and all he got was a crappy T-shirt

Ed Sheeran has just become the first artist to cross 100 million followers Spotify and all he got was a crappy t-shirt. Okay, it wasn’t bad, it was actually pretty sweet. The singer revealed the big thing news on Tuesday (July 27) via a video showing off the celebratory tee marking the milestone, which reads: “ASK ME ABOUT MY 100 MILLION SPOTIFY FOLLOWERS.”



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See the latest videos, charts and news

“Absolutely mental,” Sheeran captioned the 43-second video, in which he wanders backstage at one of his shows to see if anyone notices the landmark message. “So I just hit 100 million followers on Spotify and Spotify sent me this T-shirt. So I’m going to go around the stadium asking people about my 100 million followers,” Sheeran says with a smile in the selfie video where he sets off in search of anyone who cares.

“Because they all get so excited about me!” he says enthusiastically.

They are not.

Ed walks up to a line of tour staff and points to his shirt, awaiting their excited response, only to be met with the kind of bored, jaded looks you’d reasonably expect from a road crew grinding away to put on the stadium show . “Whatever,” croaks a busy gentleman named Mark. To be fair, no one cares.

No one, that is, except Ed’s opening act, Maisie Peters, who gives him the kind of enthusiastic praise he was looking for. “Well done, Ed Sheeran!” she says before giving him a sweet hug.

The 100 million mark puts Sheeran ahead of a number of other prominent stars, including Ariana Grande (81.7 million), Billie Eilish (66.3 million), Drake (65.5 million) and Justin Bieber (63.6 million).

Watch the video below.

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