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Dua Lipa sued (again) for posting Paparazzi photos of herself on Instagram

Dua Lipa is being sued for posting paparazzi photos of himself on Instagram for the second time in a year, according to court documents filed in the U.S. District Court in California. This time named a New York-based photographer Robert Barbera claims that the singer committed copyright infringement after posting photos he took of her in July 2018 on the social media platform.

“Without the permission or permission of Plaintiff, Defendant voluntarily selected, copied, stored and displayed each of Plaintiff’s copyrighted photographs,” the complaint, written by attorney Craig Sanders, sounds. The photos in question, which were also taken in July 2018 and attached as an exhibition to the suit, show Lipa wearing a black sweater with the word “HEROES” in large letters.

As in the previous casebrought by a company called Integral Images, Barbera claims that because Lipa uses her Instagram account to promote her music and brand and promote her business interests, she got the financial benefit of posting his copyrighted images there and damaging it. ” potential market “for them.

“According to information and belief, the violations increased the traffic to the account and in turn caused the defendant to realize an increase in revenue generated through the defendant’s promotional events and the sale of the defendant’s musical works,” the complaint reads.

Barbera further claims that after discovering the photos on Lipa’s Instagram account in June 2019, he tried to resolve the case out of court, but that “communication slowed down and eventually stopped” after she received a draft copy of the complaint . The photos were subsequently removed from her account.

Barbera is seeking actual damages and a settlement of all profits attributable to the infringing activity, a ruling ordering Lipa to infringe any of her other works, litigation costs and interest before judgment.

Representatives of Lipa and Barbera did not immediately respond Billboard‘s requests for comments.

Barbera has a history of suing celebrities for posting his photos on their social accounts. In May 2019, he sued Ariana Grande for posting photos he took of her on Instagram, following up with another, similar lawsuit against the singer in January 2020; both cases were later dismissed. In October 2019, he sued Justin Bieber for the same reason in a case that was quickly settled out of court.

The Integral Images lawsuit against Dua Lipa was dismissed with prejudice – meaning the claim cannot be re-filed – in October.

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