Drunk woman causes $10 million in damages after leaving Marilyn Manson concert, sues company that served her

A woman who caused $10 million in damage after driving her car into a house after a Marilyn Manson concert in Canada is now seeking compensation from a company at the venue that served her alcohol at the show.

According to CBCDaniella Leis had attended the concert in London, Ontario’s Budweiser Gardens, where Manson had performed in 2019. After the show, it was revealed in the trial that Leis had driven home the wrong way down Queen’s Avenue before crashing into a home and cut it off. the house’s gas line in progress.

First responders pulled Leis from her vehicle and cleared the area after discovering the leak. Reportedly 15 minutes after the crash, the house exploded and proceeded to set fire to other neighboring houses in the area. No one was killed in the incident, but four houses were destroyed and seven people were injured.

Leis pleaded guilty to four counts of impaired driving and was sentenced to three years in prison in 2021. But Leis feels some of the blame for the car crash and explosion lies with Ovations Ontario Food Services, the company that oversaw the serving of alcohol at Budweiser Gardens the night of the show.

In her claim against the company, Leis cites that the company or their employees served her “when they knew or should have known she was intoxicated,” failed to provide properly trained bouncers to monitor the level of intoxication, failed to control her condition. of transportation after she was kicked out and did not take steps to ensure she would not drive home. According to ComplexLeis has accused Ovations of “putting profit over safety” on the night in question.

As a result, she claims the damage from the explosion was “caused or contributed to by the company’s negligence, breach of duty and breach of contract”.

It is also requested in the suit that if Leis and her father, who is also named in the lawsuit, are required to pay any amount of the legal costs, that they are “entitled to contributions and indemnity from the defendant (Ovations). “

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