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DRAM have shared some words for Drake after the Toronto megastar apparently fired some lyrical shots in his direction on the new track “BackOutsideBoyz.”

In a smooth pun on Her loss track, Drake seems to be referring to a time when DRAM took a hit from its security in 2015.

Tried to bring the drama to me, he don’t know how we cha-cha slide (Yeah),” Drake raps on the fourth track off his collaborative album with 21 Savage.

The Virginia native hopped on Twitter to address the verse, and he didn’t seem too happy about it. According to DRAM, Drake did nothing and his security handled the issue instead.

“Yeah, someone needs to tell Drake to shut up about that shit, man,” DRAM said. “Damn five years ago. This n-gga never touched me n-gga. I tapped his ass. His damn bodyguards, damn I won’t hold you, his bodyguards went to town on the kid, but his bodyguards did , not his ass. He’s not touching me. He’s a bitch, you know that.”

He continued: “Why do I have to get into all that? When I see him, I see him. I say, though, what’s the good of one-on-one, my dear? What’s with my n-gga? But it will he doesn’t. You want your guards. It’s cool though. He doesn’t touch me though, and that shit from five years ago, come on, n-gga. Why do you bring it up? Why don’t you talk about how you became smashed by Diddy?”

The situation between these two probably started when DRAM released “Cha Cha” in 2015. The record was a hit single that landed DRAM a deal with Atlantic and saw him get co-signs from Beyoncé and Drake.

But things got interesting when Drizzy dropped “Hotline Bling,” a record similar to DRAM’s “Cha Cha.” The similarities between the two tracks were so undeniable that DRAM felt that Drake bit his style.

During an interview with BillboardDRAM revealed how he felt about Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and how other people saw the scam that was allegedly going on.

“I feel like my record has been broken,” DRAM shared Billboard. “And it’s not just me. People have been comparing ‘Cha Cha’ to ‘Hotline Bling’ since it came out.”

Kanye West & Drake’s Beef Threatens To Reignite After ‘Her Loss’ Jab

DRAM wasn’t the only person to catch a stray from the 6 God Her loss. Megan Thee stallion also had words for Drake after the OVO hitmaker apparently snubbed her in his opening verse on “Circo Loso,” hinting she lied about Tory Lanez shooting her.

This bitch lie about getting shot but she still a stud/ She don’t even get the joke but she still smile“, he raps.

Megan didn’t take too kindly to the perceived diss, firing back at Drake on Twitter shortly after the album’s midnight release.

“Stop using my shooting for clod bitch ass N-ggas! Since when is it cool to make fun of women getting shot!” she wrote. “I n-ggas especially RAP N-GGAS ARE LAME! Ready to boycott shoes and clothes but the dog piles on a black woman when she says one of you all homeboys abused her.

“And when the mf facts come out remember all you fave rappers behind a N-gga who SHOT A WOMAN. People attack me, you stand up for it, I’m defending myself now, I’m doing too much … every time it never ends and it did NOT happen until I came out and said I was shot … You guys don’t do it okay cool fuck it bye.”

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